Friday, January 22, 2010

Build Opt-in-list And Increasing Web Traffic

You need more market reach than you currently have. More website traffic and
a larger list. That is one aspect of growing your business and profits.
So, what needs to be a priority in your weekly activities?

Building your opt-in lists and increasing your web site traffic!

Every single week, devote time to getting more subscribers to your lists and more visitors to your web site.In fact, I recommend that you create a weekly activity checklist. 

That is, create a list of action steps for growing your lists and traffic and divide them into daily activities to complete.

In fact, I recommend that you create a weekly activity checklist. That is,create a list of action steps for growing your lists and traffic and divide them into daily activities to complete.

I learned something important at my very first job. I was sixteen at the time, and from the very first day , I saw a priceless lesson unfold before my eyes that has proved to be invaluable to me in my own business.


And that lesson is this: it’s all about the system. You find something that works and you repeat it over and over again. Sure, you tweak it from time to time to improve it, but it’s the system that you use.


There is an exact sequence in for example take “dressing” of burgers. Mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles. They are all in a specific spot on the table and they are all to be added to the burger in a specific order.


And when it came to cranking out burgers, this system made it so easy.Listen to me, and listen good – when it comes to cranking out profits for your business, a “system” makes it easy, and it makes it work. 

Learn this: 

The single greatest thing you can do to grow your business
is develop a list of profit-boosting activities that you consistently
complete on a weekly basis.

Each day of the week, I have a simple checklist that I work my way through in order to build my Internet business.


Let me give you just a quick example of what your “Monday” might look like
when it comes to “building lists” and “generating traffic”.


  Write an Ezine article to promote your list, product, site or
affiliate link.
 Submit the article to your “Ezine distribution network” for


  Publish article to your own opt-in lists.
  Load article to a page at your web site.
  Submit article to major article directories.
  Submit article to your list of ezine publishers.


  Inform your affiliates and JV partners of your article.
  Publish your weekly newsletter, including your newly written
  Make personal remarks about a specific product or
service and offer an incentive for anyone purchasing.


  Cross promote one of your free reports, blog posts, minicourses
or existing articles.
  Refer to any contest, joint venture project, sub-list or
other business-building activity currently available.


  Setup a joint venture partnership to (a) build your list, or (b)
grow your traffic.

  Option 1: An “all-inclusive” project with multiple partners.  

Option 2: An “exclusive” project with one partner.


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