Friday, January 22, 2010

Upgrade Your List For More Targetted Traffic

That’s just a sample of what you can do. The important thing is to actually establish a routine. Get your own list of activities to do every single week. Plan things out into daily assignments. You don’t need to try it all at once, or attempt to do too much.

Just get some things on a regular schedule that you can follow week after week to gain some momentum and steadily grow your business.

Include the following in your action steps to build your lists and grow your traffic.
Ø Write ezine articles
Ø Create viral reports

Ø Conduct and / or participate in joint ventures
Ø Bid on pay-per-click search engine listings
Ø Experiment with SEO tactics
Ø Purchase solo mailings and other paid advertising
Ø Exchange links, articles, popups, ads, etc. with other marketers

Ø Post questions and answers to relevant forums
Ø Work with your affiliate program
Ø Get your list members involved in marketing for you

There are countless ways to grow your lists and generate web site traffic. It’s critical that you develop a plan here to work your way through each week.

Hit and miss tactics just won’t work. You need momentum. You need to get a system in place. And you need to get started today!

Important Note: Every month in List And Traffic™, you’ll learn
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Everything is broken down into complete “checklist-style” action steps (and each step is THOROUGHLY EXPLAINED in great detail so you know exactly what to do), walking you through the exact sequence you need to immediately begin seeing results.

Hi Simons,
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Ewen Chia

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  1. Informative post with some very good points. I will definitely be implementing some of them. Thank you.